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Are tile roofs safe to use in Canada?

Are tile roofs safe for use in Canada?  Have you been told you can’t have a clay or concrete roof in Canada?  Have  you seen a tile roof while somewhere hot and sunny and wished you could use it at home in Canada?   We’ll clear up all your questions right here.

Can a tile roof be used in Canada?

Yes!  Of course, a tile roof can be used in Canada.  Clay Tiles have been imported to Canada from around the world for well over 100 years.   Take a look at some of the most historically significant buildings around your area and you’ll find tile roofs on churches, government buildings, monuments and stately homes.  Domestically concrete roofs have been produced and installed across Canada since the 1970’s.

Not all tiles are made equally.

Beware, not all tiles are made the same.  Tiles that can survive in the hardest climates are the strongest. Worry not, there are testing standards which any tile can be tested against so that you can install them in Canada without worry.  Ignore the warranty offered and demand the proof of testing.  Any manufacture or importer will be happy to provide a letter from the lab showing the results of the test.   Tiles made for southern climates are not always manufactured strong enough to survive in Canada so it’s always best to ask for the test results.

When considering a concrete or clay tile roof as for proof of at least one of the following test standards.

  • CSA-A220 is the Canadian standard for Concrete roof tile.
  • ASTM C-1167 is the US testing standard which clay roof tile.
  • ASTM C-1492 is the US testing standard for concrete tile.
  • Grade – 1 is the top ASTM level for both clay and concrete and the only one strong enough for Canada.
  • Miami-Dade Country NOA Now contains a requirement for Grade – 1 tile.

Testing to ask for.

Tile roofs are safe for Canada.

So yes, tile roofs are safe for use in Canada.  Just remember to deal with a reputable manufacture or importer.  When things go wrong it usually happens quickly so ask to see some older (10+ year old ) roofs.  If a salesman wants to talk warranty over testing, no matter how nice the tile looks, move on.   We’ve been in business for three decades by working with the best manufactures but also by randomly testing the tiles ourselves. The best companies don’t pitch the warranty because the products just last.