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Columbia Roof Tiles Surry BC.


I have a Columbia concrete tile roof on my home, can you help me?

You’ve called the number, the website is gone, what options do you have now to get your Columbia concrete tile roof repaired/

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Who was Columbia Roof Tile?

Established in Surrey BC in the Mid 1970’s Columbia roof tiles was a highly successful manufacture of concrete roof tiles until the early 2000’s.  Columbia Roofs can be found throughout the province and even into the US North West.

Columbia Slate Tile

What Tiles did Columbia produce?

  • Extruded Concrete Roof Tiles in four popular profiles.

    Tile Profile:

    • Double Roman
    • Northwest Shake
    • Northwest Slate
    • Northwest Split Shake


Columbia Roof Tile Shake

What size are Columbia Tiles?

  • Tile Size:

The tiles were all 17″ in length by 12 3/8″ in width.

Tile Weight:

Installed at a traditional 3″ headlap they weighed right around 1000lbs per SQ. ( 100sqft)


Columbia Roman Tile

How can I identify a Columbia Tile?

  • Production:

Tile was manufactured by high pressure extrusion. Tile color oxide was mixed before production making the color integral with the tile.

Each tile was stamped with the name “Columbia” on the rear which makes identification easier.

Examples of our concrete tiles projects.

Columbia Flat Charcoal Tile

I need to order more Columbia Tile.​

Gone for nearly a decade now, all the old tile has long since been used.  You may find a few pieces here and there sold online marketplaces but nothing of any great significance.

We can still help.

For the past decande we’ve been working with clients across the west coast with Columbia and Unicrete roofs, helping them source tile for additions, large repairs or insurance replacements.

Sold by the pallet or truckload our concrete tiles are similar enough that only the sharp eyed visitor will notice the difference.  We can work with your roofer, builder or you the homeowner to pick the best tile to match your existing roof.

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Insurance Claims.

Has your roof been damaged in a storm?  Is your insurance company telling you there’s no option to fix your roof?

We will work directly with your insurance company or adjuster to educate them and come up with a solution that you can both be happy with.


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