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Getting your Tile Roof ready for winter.


Tips to insure you Tile Roof is ready for winter.

With winter just around the corner and the first flakes of snow starting to fall it’s a great time to make sure you roof is ready for the upcoming winter.

Home Inspection

Ground inspections.

Ground inspection are a great way to see if anything is out of place or missing.  No need to get the ladder out, take a quick walk around your yard and have a look for the following.

  • Loose or broken tiles.
  • Missing mortar from the ridge or hips.
  • Branches or debris that may have fallen onto the roof.
  • Staining on your wall covering.

Did you find anything?

Did you see anything of concern?

No? Great your roof is well prepared for the winter.  

Maybe?  Don’t worry, having a professional roofer inspect your roof is a simple an cost effective way to put your mind at ease.

Yes?  Don’t get the ladder, it’s time to call a professional.   A roofer who’s experienced with the roof and trained to not just repair the issue but to walk on the roof without causing further issues.  Workers who aren’t trained to walk on tile roofs can easily cause more damage than the original problem.

Ice Damage

Did you have any issues last winter?

Did you have an issue that you never got around to having resolved?

  • A leaking skylight?
  • Was snow sliding off the roof?
  • Maybe a stain that appeared on a wall or ceiling?

Winter weather, heavy rain, ice buildup and heavy snowfalls sticks around longer than the flash thunderstorm that comes and goes in few minutes.  A buildup of snow or ice during the winter with a thaw and some rain can be the cause of a seasonal leak.

Bucket of water

Don't wait to fix a leak.

Leaking Roofs not repaired can easily lead to.

  • Mold growth inside your home.
  • Water soaked insulation no longer able to do its job.
  • Drywall and plaster damage.
  • Warping of wood framing.
  • Electrical and wiring issues.

If you had any issues that came with the winter and disappeared during the spring, they’ll  be back in the coming months.   Having a professional roofer complete an inspection of you roof will catch the problem before it leads to a problem inside and a emergency repair outside.

Cell Phone TRC

Don't know who to call?

Don’t know a good roofer or not happy with the one you have?

Don’t worry we can direct you to  experienced professionals who will repair the issues the first time.

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