Modern design homes are characterized by their clean lines, simplicity, and use of minimal ornamentation. They often feature a combination of materials such as concrete, glass, and steel, creating a sleek and contemporary look. Open floor plans, ample natural light, and a connection to the outdoors are also common features of modern design homes, providing a comfortable and functional living environment.

Modern House

Plana Clay Tile

Double Interlocking Technology

Plana is a large format flat interlocking clay tile with a smooth flat surface, sharp square edges, and a thick bottom edge.  These features combine to create a smooth surface roof with strong horizontal shadows across the roofscape. 

Mission, Pan & Cover Color Options.

Plana Roof

Verea Flat Clay Tile

Lightweight Design

The Verea flat interlocking clay tile is a low-maintenance, low-weight Clay roof tile.  At only 800 lbs per 100 SQ FT, it’s lighter than most concrete tile roofs.  Manufactured in a state-of-the-art factory, this interlocking tile is as modern as they come.

Bel Air

Classic Design Concrete Flat Tile

Limitless options without compromise, Eagle’s Bel Air Flat Tile profile offers graceful beauty, rugged strength, and enhanced curb appeal. Available in a vast array of colors from warm earth-inspired tones and cool grays its versatile appearance seamlessly complements both traditional and modern architecture.

Bel Air Roof
Black Modern Tile Roof


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