Brick & Pavers

Experts in roofing products, we've partnered with Dreadnought UK to bring Ketley Bricks to North America. After years of being asked by architects and builders, we can now offer matching roofing and exterior products. Ketley Bricks has been in operation for over 100 years, and we're excited to bring their history and tradition to our market.
brick wall


Ketley Bricks offers solid and perforated bricks, tried and tested in the harshest environments. Kelley Staffordshire has always been regarded as the mark of durability and strength, making them the choice for highly demanding environments. They are an excellent choice for use in textured facades where more than one face of the brick is exposed to the weather.
victoria gate

Slips & Pavers

Ketley Brick’s range of extruded brick slips eliminates the need and cost to cut down bricks for use as a cladding solution. Brick Slips are manufactured from the same clay, using the same processes as the Class A engineering bricks. Quarry Tiles, sometimes known as paving tiles, provide a robust and hardwearing flooring solution. They offer excellent slip resistance and suit most flooring and wall cladding applications both indoors or externally.
Blue black brick wall
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