Cotswold & Stone Roofs

Generations of architects, designers, and homeowners have turned to natural slate and stone roofs for their projects. With the wide range of options including colors, thickness, rustic or smooth finish, natural stone provides a roof that will last a century or more.

Cotswold Stone

Our stone roofing products can recreate this iconic look with new and reclaimed stones found in the Cotswold region of England.

We offer three variations of the Cotswold Stone, Natural, Heritage Conservation, and Old Quarried.

Cotswold Stone is known for their creams, tans, browns, and coal colors blended to create a one-of-a-kind look. The stone thickness of one inch, with stone, sizes up to 22° in width and 26″ in length.  Our stones come sorted and can be installed in graduated form, with the largest stones at the roof’s eave.

Conservation Stone

Classic “Cotswold”

Conservation stones are created to be the most accurate replicates of quarried Cotswold stones.  Certified for use on UK historic projects, they are cast from molds taken from the original stones.    Conservation will never be confused with any other stone with its color, rough surface, split finish edges, and a wide variety of lengths and widths.



Conservation Heritage Stone Projects

Old Quarried Stone

Thick Slab Stones

Old Quarried stones are cast pieces that mimic square-cut, thick slabs, creating an oversized look with a strong horizontal shadow line.  Old Quarried is a perfect option for thick slate and blue stone materials.  They are cast from a large inventory of molds to prevent any repeating details on the roof.   Old Quarried can be installed on battens or directly to the deck using a graduated installation method.

Old quarried is perfect for Modern, Contemporary, Nordic, or Urban designs; our stones work with almost any design style.


mix 110

Old Quarried Stone Projects

Natural Cotswold Stone

Quarried from limestone deposits around the Cotswolds, these stones are the most rustic option.

Left to weather and split but finished by hand, these stones are roughly 2ft long with at least one nail hole.   Like the Heritage stones, the natural stones are installed using a diminishing or graduation, with the largest stones at the eave smallest at the ridge.

Typically heavier than Heritage stones, some of the largest eave stones can be over 50 lbs each. 

Natural stones can be ordered new or as reclaimed stones.  They are sorted by size and shipped in pallets directly to the job site.  Due to the rough split finish, a bit of extra work is required to get some of the pieces to fit.

Natural Cotswold stone roofs are expected to last over 100 years in most weather conditions.  If your project is in a location with a particularly harsh climate, please discuss this with one of our team.


Natural and Reclaimed Cotswold Stone Projects.

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