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We’ve grown to become the largest importer of clay and concrete roof tiles in Canada for over a decade. Our products are used in residential, commercial, and historic restoration projects from coast to coast. Let our team help you realize your dream with the perfect roof.


Luxury Roofing Materials

Tile Roofs Canada is your connection to the finest roofing products from around the world. Selecting only the highest quality products, our Ontario-based company offers an exquisite collection of Clay, Concrete and Stone in and array styles and technologies. Tile Roofs Canada imports these products from a team of the best manufacturers, presenting you with a wide range of creative solutions and reliable resources for your project. All products are tested to the highest standards ensuring generations of use.

Tile Roofs Canada is an expert in identifying, acquiring, and recreating historic or hard-to-find materials. Tile Roof Canada is committed to transforming your vision into reality.

You dream it; we create it.


Lifetime Roofing Products

Why choose a lifetime roofing product?  Like the Tesla you drive or the solar heater for your pool, a lifetime roof is all about being green and environmentally friendly.  Most roofing products on the market for the past 20 years won’t even last that time.  Clay, concrete, and stone roofing products have been around for hundreds of years.  Clay tiles will last on average 90-100 years; concrete is close behind with 75 years, and stone roofs 100+ 

Whether you’re building a home for your family or a legacy home for your children, children choosing a lifetime roof will be one of the best investments you can make.

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Why choose Clay or Concrete Tile?

We import our roof tiles from a group of the best manufacturers from around the world. Our Clay Roof Tiles are imported form the UK and Europe. Our Concrete Roof Tiles are produced at state of the art plants in the USA.  Our stone materials are sourced from around the world.  

We offer expert technical and design resources for every project. All products are tested to the highest standards ensuring generations of use in our climate. 

Tile Roofs Canada is also an expert in the identification, acquisition, and recreation of historic or hard-to-find materials.

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Our top priority is to get the successful outcome you deserve, with quiet confidence. After all, the best proof of value is actual results.
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