Shingle Tiles

French and English country design are both inspired by the rural countryside and natural surroundings. French country design features warm colors, distressed woods, and ornate details, while English country design incorporates floral patterns, cozy fabrics, and traditional furniture. Both styles prioritize comfort and a welcoming atmosphere, creating a charming and inviting living space.

Tudor Clay Tile

Classic Hand Made UK Shingle Tile

Sandy surface, warm colors, and a slight camber in its length are the recipe for a  Classic English Shingle tile.  Manufactured in Britain, Tudor has been producing handmade clay shingle tiles continuously for over a century.

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Red clay tile roof english

Tudor Shingle Tile Color Options.

Tudor Shingle Tile Project Gallery


Dreadnought Clay Tile

Modern English Shingle Tile

The Verea flat interlocking clay tile is a low-maintenance, low-weight Clay roof tile.  At only 800 lbs per 100 SQ FT, it’s lighter than most concrete tile roofs.  Manufactured in a state-of-the-art factory, this interlocking tile is as modern as they come.

Dreadnought Color Options.

Dreadnought Shingle Tile Project Gallery



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