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Manufacturing Custom Historically Accurate Clay Roof Tiles and Accessories.

When it comes to restoring or replicating historical buildings, attention to detail is paramount. One crucial element in maintaining the authenticity of these structures, and often the hardest, is the clay roof tile. After decades of exposure to the elements, some of these pieces can be in need of replacement. For the past twenty years, Tile Roofs Canada has been reproducing discontinued and historic clay roof tiles.  These pieces play a crucial role in preserving the architectural integrity and charm of period properties.

Manufacturing these specialized roof tiles requires a meticulous approach. We collaborate closely with architects, historians, and preservationists to ensure every aspect of the tile aligns with the original design and materials used during the specific time period.

The manufacturing process begins with sourcing and processing high-quality clay. This clay is carefully selected to match the color, texture, and composition of the original tiles. Once the clay is delivered, it undergoes a thorough preparation process, including cleaning, purification, mixing, molding, and drying.

To achieve a historically accurate appearance, various techniques are employed during the manufacturing process. The tiles may be hand-formed using traditional molds, imbuing each tile with unique character and imperfections to mimic the patina and weathering of aged tiles. Traditional firing methods, such as kiln firing, are employed to achieve the desired color and structural integrity. Close attention is paid to the strength and porosity of the final tiles so that they can be classified as the highest quality under ASTM C-1167.

Historically accurate clay roof tiles combine traditional craftsmanship and old-world skills with modern technology to ensure consistency and durability. We utilize advanced machinery and equipment to streamline the production process of large volume orders without compromising the authenticity of the finished product.

Tile Roofs Canada has completed work with universities, churches, government buildings and private residences.

By manufacturing custom, historically accurate clay roof tiles, we contribute to the preservation of historical architecture while allowing for the repair and restoration of period properties. Maintaining the aesthetics and structural integrity of these roofs ensures that the charm and history of these beloved buildings will be safeguarded for generations to come.

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Examples of custom clay tile.