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What happened to Unicrete?

July 31st 2014

One of the most common requests we get is to help clients with roofs supplied by manufacturers that have ceased operations. Unicrete Products is one such manufacturer, and here’s some information on what happened.

Unicrete Products Ltd of Calgary Alberta had a long history of supplying high-quality concrete roofing tiles to builders and homeowners across Canada. However, the company closed its doors on July 31, 2014, leaving Unicrete customers with a challenging situation. With more than 15,000 roofs installed over nearly four decades, this left customers needing a source for materials for repair projects.

Unicrete manufactured three profiles of tile a low barrel “Estate,” a Flat tile, “Slate,” and a split textured flat tile, “Splitshake.” In the years before the closure, they did bring to market a “lightweight” concrete tile, but it’s hard to tell how much was ever sold.   Unicrete exported tiles from Alberta to BC, Ontario and Quebec.  In Ontario, Unicrete tiles are commonly confused with Marley tiles.

In the decade since the closure the supply of tiles has run out other than a few small batches.  Thankfully, with the help of Tile Roofs Canada Ltd., Unicrete customers like BC Tile and Columbia could find alternative solutions to address their roofing needs. With a large catalogue of new and used roofing materials, homeowners are always provided with a solution to their unique roofing issue.

If you own or represent someone with a Unicrete tile roof, talk to one of our sales experts to see how we can help locate the materials you need.   If you’re looking for a new tile roof, we offer concrete and clay alternatives, all manufactured and tested for our Canadian climate.