You are currently viewing Concrete & Clay Roof Tile options for Kelowna the Okanagan and Lower Mainland of BC.

Concrete & Clay Roof Tile options for Kelowna the Okanagan and Lower Mainland of BC.

For nearly 20 years, Tile Roofs Canada has completed projects in almost every province in Canada. 

When it comes to the interior/ lower mainland of BC, which is arguably our favorite area to work, we routinely supply a mix of modern and rustic tile roofs made from concrete and clay.

Modern Design Options:

Bel Air:

The Bel Air concrete roofing tile by Eagle is a traditional flat profile. A smooth angular finish,  sharp edges, and clean lines are perfect for the more contemporary or new modern style of homes.


Plana is a large format flat interlocking clay tile with a smooth flat surface, sharp square edges, and a thick bottom edge. These features combine to create a smooth surface roof with solid horizontal shadows across the roofscape. 

Rustic Design Options:


Ponderosa has the rustic look of a split cedar roof but with the longevity, weather protection, and fire resistance of a tile roof.  A staggered bottom edge further increases the aged look of the roof. Ponderosa & Slate are complementary to many styles of architecture, such as Prairie and Craftsman.

Tile Sources:

Concrete Roof Tiles:

Based in California, Eagle Roofing has been our direct source for nearly two decades.  Unlike Unicrete and BC Tile, which closed in early 2000, Eagle has only grown in size and production volume.  Producing premium concrete roof tile options with color and finish qualities closer to clay than a typical Concrete tile.  Eagle roofs are trucked directly from their Stockton, California tile plant to your site arriving in just two or three days. Every Eagle tile roof comes tested to meet all Canadian and US standards and with a lifetime warranty.

Clay Roof Tiles:

Clay tiles are shipped from various European plants by sea container to the Port of Vancouver, inspected, and then delivered directly to your job.  Our relationships with our Clay Tile manufacturers go back to the early 90s in some cases.  As with our Concrete tiles, our clay tiles are tested against the highest CSA and ASTM standards.

Testing & Lifespan:

Concrete and Clay roof tiles are some of the longest-lasting materials available today.  Concrete roofs are expected to last 60-75 years, with clay tiles being closer to 100 years.

Both materials are tested against US ASTM and Canadian CSA standards to ensure they meet the highest quality levels.  All materials are fire-resistant, frost and water-resistant, impact and wind resistant.  Clay and Concrete roof tiles are Class A Fire-rated which means they aren’t combustible and don’t contribute to the growth of a fire.  A tile roof combined with a non-combustible exterior wall finish is the best option for any house in a wildfire area 

Clay and Concrete roof tiles are suitable for the harshest weather BC can produce.


We work directly with several roofers based across the province to make sure that you can get your roof installed by a professional, experienced roofer. With projects in Kelowna, Osoyoos, and Kamloops, we continue each year to grow our market in BC.

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