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Tile Roofs in BC: Still the Best Option for Your Home.

Let’s face it: most of our clients who have purchased a tile or stone roof from us in the past 20 years do so for mostly aesthetic reasons.  They build a Mediterranean, Rustic, or Modern influenced home, and having the correct roof is extremely important to the home’s overall appearance.  Tile roofs offer so much more than just aesthetics, and in this blog, we will cover why Tile and Stone roofs remain the best option for your BC Home.


Why Tile Roofs Continue To Be The Best Option.


No other material on the market today has a lifespan backed up by actual installed roofs.  Saying your asphalt shingle roof will last 50 years when most come off in less than 25 doesn’t really speak well of the material.  Tile Roofs are rigorously tested to ensure that they meet the highest standards and will meet their expected lifespan.  Tile Roofs in Canada last 80-100 years when adequately maintained.  

The testing of the tiles completely covers exposure to ice and snow, high levels of precipitation, temperatures that transition from freezing to warm, and high weight and impact loads.

Green Roofing.

A long-lasting roof is, by its nature, a green roof.  When a client decides to change the style of a home or the home is torn down to build something different, the roof can be crushed into stone or a clean fill. Because tile roofs last so long, roofs are often removed to be repurposed on other homes for repair or use on additions and renovations.


Coastal Installations

For residents of coastal areas of BC, tile roofs are designed to survive extreme winds, high precipitation levels, and exposure to salt spray.  Tile Roofs have been installed in hurricane-prone areas in the southern USA where they are exposed to 120-160 MPH wind loads.  Tile Roofs Canada sends with every roof a complete set of hurricane eve clips to ensure that the roof will never have a wind-related issue.

Mountain Installations.

For residents of more mountainous areas, Tile Roofs again prove the best choice for their ability to help regulate the temperature of the roof.  Temperature regulation helps keep the snow on the roof rather than it sliding off in a single great mass. Tile Roofs Canada offers snow retention systems, which are specifically designed to integrate with our tiles.  As we covered in testing Tile Roofs are tested against the condition known as freeze-Thaw.  A cycle where the temperature of the tiles is dropped below freezing and warmed repeatedly over 50 days to simulate the transition of temperature which occurs during winter and early spring.

Virtually Leak Proof

No roof is completely leakproof but Tile Roofs offer the greatest chance of a leak-free life.  Tile Roofs are installed with the intent from the start that the roof will last multiple generations or even the home’s life.  Other materials, such as asphalt shingles, won’t bother with higher quality accessory materials as they know the roof will be replaced in twenty or less. It’s these lower-quality materials that are most often the source of leaks.  Our goal during installation is where possible to use material that will last as long as possible.  This longer material lifespan, combined with our higher standard installation, means that the roof will be well into its third or fourth decade before any actual work will be required.

Fire Proof

Unfortunately, wildfires have been back in the news this summer, with some extreme examples in places like Kelowna.   Tile Roofs are a 100% non-combustible roofing material.  They won’t contribute to the growth or spread of a fire.  When combined with similarly low combustibility materials on the exterior of a home, fear of wildfires can be greatly reduced. 

In just the past few seasons, we’ve seen homes left standing while neighboring homes have been consumed by the fires.  Using Tile Roofs can be a big step forward to safeguarding your home and lowering your premium, as insurance companies will start to issue premiums based on the home’s overall fire exposure. 

wildfire class a roofs


The warranty of a Tile Roofs isn’t nearly as crucial as with lesser products simply because our tiles are designed to last.  Our manufacturers business plan doesn’t include putting a homeowner in the position of replacing their roof every 20 years or so.

Our best-selling product from Eagle Roofing Products has a fully transferable Lifetime warranty. We’re happy to report that with over three decades in this industry, we’ve never once had to use a warranty on any of our materials.

Material Availability

With our long relationship with the largest tile manufacturers in North America, most tile roofs can be delivered directly to your BC home within four weeks.  Tile Roofs Canada will take care of the entire process of shipping and importing the roof.  Certain clay roofs do take longer, but those roofs are usually ordered well in advance of the construction of a home. 


Tile Roofs Canada has been selling and installing roofs across Canada for two decades.  If you’re interested in learning more about Tile Roofs or Green Roofing, feel free to contact us directly. We’d love to chat with you about your roofing project.