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How to Repair a Concrete Tile Roof

Concrete tile roofs are among the most durable roof systems; however, various circumstances, such as unskilled trades,  excessive roof traffic, or fallen debris during inclement weather, may cause some tiles to break. To ensure your tile roof system is not compromised, it’s best to replace the broken tiles as soon as possible. Here’s how to do it!

Step #1: 

Hire a professional, trained roofer who has experience with roof tile systems.  Even with a lower-pitched roof, it’s no place for the handyman or homeowner, as you can quickly cause more damage than you started with.  Hiring a trained roofer will limit the chance of further damage and a roof fall.

Step #2:

This is just for reference. It is by no means a How-To guide.  To replace an individual tile that is broken, an easy method of removal is to break it into smaller pieces with a hammer or any other acceptable tool. This will minimize disturbance to the surrounding tiles. Once the tile and corresponding fasteners are removed from the roof, clean and patch any resulting holes in the underlayment.

Step #3:

Then, apply a code-approved roof tile adhesive ( Like TileSecure ) to the top of the replacement tile and the top of the tile; it will be overlapping, and slide it into place. The adhesive must be placed in an area on the tile that will ensure contact with adjacent tiles without affecting water flow. If the adhesive is applied to the interlocking water channel, it must be placed above the headlap to avoid water damming. Once secured, remove any shim that might have been used during the repair process and ensure all tiles surrounding the replacement piece are properly seated. Repeat the process for other broken tiles throughout the roofline.  If your roof is installed on a batten system and at a steep pitch, it may be beneficial to use a tile clip to secure the tile while the adhesive sets up.

Step #4:

Any time maintenance needs to be performed on your roof, like replacing tiles, it is recommended that an experienced roofing contractor with a history of tile repair be hired to do the job. Having an experienced contractor perform the task not only prevents you from jeopardizing your safety but also reduces the likelihood of more tiles being damaged.

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