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FAQ: How long does a tile roof last?

One of the most common FAQ requests I get is  ” How long will the roof last?”. 
The easy answer is ” Long enough that you’ll never have to replace the roof on this home.”  Depending on the material you’ll see a 50  to 100+ year lifespan.  Measuring a products lifespan in decades is rare these days but century’s is unheard of.
Clay and concrete tiles use abundant natural materials, high levels of purification, pressure and temperature to produce the highest quality, longest lasting roofs available today.
Clay and concrete tiles are impervious to fire, rot and insects.  They can withstand extremes of heat, cold, high winds and torrential rains.   Tile roofs provide superior levels of impact resistance should you reside in an area that experiences hail.  
A Clay or concrete roof is made to last, to be the only roof your home will ever need.  Clay roofs can last more than 100 years, while most concrete roofs will last 70.  How long a roof will last will depend on its climate and the level of upkeep from the homeowner.
Key to the life of any product are staying on top of any issues.  Identifying and dealing with issues before they become significant is the key to make sure your roof lasts as long or longer than expected.  Having a roofer come every two to three years to do an inspection is the best plan for the wellbeing of the roof.

If you have any questions about your roof, or would like to have one of our passionate experts inspect your roof, give us a call or fill in a contact request.  We work coast to coast in Canada and the US.