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Concrete Tile ( Spanish Style Roof )


Which is the most popular style of concrete roof tile?

Eagle Capistrano

Spanish Style Concrete Roof.

Spanish Style Roof:  The Spanish Style Roof is hands down the most popular style with our clients.  Spanish style tiles have a distinctive high barrel, “S” shape and are commonly single-color orange, red and brown or a blend of those colors.

Gray Capistrano home

Tile Size & Installation.

Spanish Style tiles come in lengths or 18” – 13” with a width of 10” – 12.5”.  The average Spanish style roof has around 90 pieces per square and a weight of 900lbs per square.


Spanish style roofs can be installed either directly to the roof deck or on battens depending on the design and building codes where installed.  A batten installation does offer the benefits of an insulating air space which increases the homes energy efficiency.

Concrete Roof TIle

Color & Color Options

Spanish style roofs are commonly orange, red or brown but are now offered in a huge range of single and multi-color blends. Popular with our clients are not just he brigh red, orange, blends but also grays and charcoal colors.  

Proud partners with Eagle Roofing for the past 15 years who offer over 30 color blends for their Spanish tile the Capistrano.

Concrete roof snow covered

Spanish Style Roofs in Canada.

Commonly found in Florida, Arizona and California you can now bring the color and feel of the south to your home in Canada. Working perfectly with exterior options like stucco, stone or brick.   

All of our tiles are tested for life in the Canadian climate but be sure to verify that any tile your considering has been thoroughly tested.

Learn more about testing a tile for life in Canada in our ” Are tiles safe to use in Canada ” story.

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